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Our Mission: Toronto Field Naturalists connects people with nature in the Toronto area.
We help people understand, enjoy, and protect Toronto's green spaces and the species that inhabit them.
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Toronto Field Naturalists
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September Photo Spotlight
Green Heron by Larry Hicks
Wild Rabbit by Viktor Moroz
Blacklegged Tick Season
Posted September 2016
Blacklegged tick adults are active in the fall so remember to protect yourself when hiking through wooded or bushy areas with leaves on the ground, or tall grasses. Toronto Public Health has an active tick surveillance map that provides information on the locations where ticks have been found. They also have a page on Lyme disease prevention that is a great resource if you want to know more. The risk of getting Lyme disease in Toronto is believed to be low.
Sensory Bee Cabinets
Posted August 2016
Sarah Peebles has created viewing installations for native bees and wasps which are open to the public in and around Toronto and Niagara Falls. Audio Bee Booths and Cabinets foster the art and science of observing solitary native bees and their role in pollination ecology. Aesthetically compelling, immersive and informative, these outdoor works intersect habitat interpretation, bio-art, sound installation and sculpture. They allow the public to safely view and listen to solitary-dwelling, (mostly) native bees - pollinators which are quite different than European honey bees - and solitary wasps, nature's insect controllers. In Toronto, you can find an Audio Bee Booth in High Park, from July to September. Learn more here.
Organic Master Gardener Course - Early Bird Discount
Posted August 2016
Designed for all levels of gardeners including urban growers, community gardeners, naturalists, and landscapers, the Organic Master Gardener course examines the connections between soil, plant, human, and environmental health while addressing sustainable land management practices to maintain food and ornamental gardens in the urban landscape. Cost: $720+HST. Save $50 by registering before August 15th with discount code TorontoOMG. More information here.
Become a Citizen Scientist!
Posted July 2016
Ontario Nature has launched their Directory of Ontario Citizen Science (DOCS), which is an online, searchable tool that connects seasoned or budding citizen scientists with volunteer opportunities across the province. DOCS is specifically aimed at citizen science projects with biological, environmental or conservation goals. Check it out and see what projects you can help with:
Citizen science is the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.
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