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Our Mission: Toronto Field Naturalists connects people with nature in the Toronto area.
We help people understand, enjoy, and protect Toronto's green spaces and the species that inhabit them.
Toronto Field Naturalists

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Membership Benefits
Members not only enjoy the benefits listed on this page but also support the Toronto Field Naturalist's mandate to help promote and protect nature in the city.
Guided Walks
Every week, there are guided nature walks (over 100 a year) within the many parks and ravines of Toronto, and accessible by TTC.
Our walks are lead by knowledgable volunteers who enjoy sharing their passion for nature. Attending combines learning something new with enjoying the rejuvenating effects of being outside surrounded by nature.
These walks offer you the opportunity to explore an understand the amazing amount of wild life and plant species that we share the city with. Along with our popular general nature walks we also provide walks aimed at specific interests such as:
  • Birding
  • Wildflowers
  • Trees
  • Insects
  • Geology
As one of our members put in: "[TFN] connects me to the world beneath the logos and ads."
Members receive eight issues each year of the newsletter Toronto Field Naturalist; a magazine providing detailed information about upcoming walks and talks, articles on nature in Toronto, nature photos and artwork from our members, and reports on current environmental issues. Past issues are available on our Newsletter page.
Monthly Talks
Once a month (September - May) members meet on Sunday at 2:30 pm for illustrated talks by noted experts on a wide variety of natural history topics. Attend these lectures to learn interesting facts about specific species and to stay up to date on what's happening with local environmental and conservation activities. Reports on previous monthly talks are available in our online newsletters. Click here for an index of the talks and which issue they appear in.
Meeting People
Our outings and lectures give you the opportunity to enjoy experiencing and learning about nature together with other nature lovers. There are options for socializing after walks, while volunteering and at our lectures. One of our members recently said "[Being a member] makes one with an environmental conscience feel less lonely."
Supporting Nature
Joining the Toronto Field Naturalists not only gives you the benefits that come with membership, but also helps support our goals.
Supporting community-based efforts to protect animals, plants and habitat
Connecting youth to the joy of nature
Supporting conserving bird habitat
Pushing for effective laws and policies that protect endangered species
Working toward the development of an effective network of parks and protected areas
Recruiting nature enthusiasts to the cause of protecting nature