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Our Mission: Toronto Field Naturalists connects people with nature in the Toronto area.
We help people understand, enjoy, and protect Toronto's green spaces and the species that inhabit them.
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Toronto Field Naturalists
2-2449 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2E7

Office hours: Friday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Newsletter Committee
Wendy Rothwell (Editor)
Kathleen Brooks
Jenny Bull
Vivienne Denton
Karin Fawthrop
Nancy Fredenburg
Elisabeth Gladstone
Judy Marshall
Lynn Miller
Toshi Oikawa
Jennifer Smith

Toronto Field Naturalist is published by the Toronto Field Naturalists, a charitable, non-profit organization, with the aim to stimulate public interest in natural history and encourage the preservation of our natural heritage.
It is issued 8 times a year, September to December and February to May.
Our newsletter is printed on 100% recycled paper.
Views expressed in the newsletter are not necessarily those of the editor or Toronto Field Naturalists.
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The latest 2 issues of the newsletter is available online for members only. Members may download their copy from the right sidebar.
Login and Password information is emailed to members on a monthly basis for access to the latest issues.
Contribute to the Newsletter!
We welcome contributions of original writing about nature in and around Toronto (up to 500 words). We also welcome reports, reviews, poems, sketches, paintings and digital photographs.
Please include "Newsletter" in the subject line when sending by email, or on the envelope if sent by mail.
Please rename digital photographs with the subject and your name. Scale your photos to less than 2MB each. Email location, date and any interesting story or other information associated with the photograph.
Submission Deadline: First of each month
Back Issues
Back issues of our newsletter are available to anyone. We do not sell printed versions of our back issues.
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Index of monthly talk subjects and reports.
Index of wildflower articles.
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