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Toronto Field Naturalists
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1519
Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1J3

Office hours: Friday 9:30am - 12:00pm

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Mission: Toronto Field Naturalists connects people with nature in the Toronto area. We help people understand, enjoy, and protect Toronto's green spaces and the species that inhabit them.
The TFN is a volunteer-run non-profit and a member of the province-wide Ontario Nature network of naturalist organizations. We share the desire to deepen understanding of, and appreciation for, the natural spaces and species needed for health and well-being. We do this through our website, public lecture series, newsletter, outreach programs, stewardship of 178 hectares of nature reserves, more than 150 public nature walks each year, and advocacy for policies and programs consistent with our mission. The TFN was founded in 1923.
TFN, with no paid staff, counts on the work of its volunteer members. We invite you to join us. You don't need to be an expert (though you may be inspired to become one). Come to our talks, join our walks, add your voice to our advocacy efforts, contribute your time and talents to our newsletter, or in helping to run the organization.
If you're not sure we're right for you, come on a walk or attend a talk at no cost. Bring a friend. We want more people to discover the joy of nature in Toronto!

TFN Turned 90 in 2013!
To commemorate our 90th anniversary the Toronto Field Naturalists held a show called "TFN for All Seasons" at the Papermill Theatre at Todmorden Mills Heritage Site. This show was written and performed by TFN members to celebrate our history and continued love of nature. You can watch the video of the show here.