Become a Jr Naturalists Leader

TFN’s Junior Naturalists Program provides learning experiences for kids ages 6 to 14, aimed at connecting them with nature and helping them to understand, enjoy, and protect Toronto’s green spaces and the species that live there. Through hikes, nature interpretation, stewardship, hands-on activities, and games, Junior Naturalists explore all aspects of our natural world, learning to appreciate and respect our natural heritage.

Benefits to you:

  • Encourage the next generation of naturalists.
  • Get to know many of Toronto’s natural areas and the wildlife they support.
  • Grow and share your nature knowledge and/or skills working with kids.
  • Have fun!
  • Help parents instil a love of nature in their children.
  • Meet families from all different backgrounds.
  • Make friends with people who share your love of nature.

Being on the leadership team … is a way to share ideas and resources with others and also shape the program according to what I think could be interesting to other families, including my own.

Marina Sokol, Jr Naturalists Leader

It’s great opportunity, not only to share knowledge and the excitement of nature with youth, but also to learn more about the subject matter through the preparation process.

Andrew Interisano, Jr Naturalists leader

What you’ll be doing:

  • Attend a planning meeting once quarterly to plan for the upcoming semester.
  • Explore parks and ravines to find new areas for the TFN Juniors events.
  • Help identify experts with knowledge in specific areas, and an ability to work with kids.
  • Identify stewardship opportunities for families.
  • Be an encouragement to kids/families.
  • Be willing to lead an event.

Join the team by emailing