Join the Lecture Team

The Lecture Team plans an interesting line-up of guest speakers, works hard to minimize technical glitches, and ensures an enjoyable experience for both speakers and audience.

Benefits to you:

  • Contribute to the selection of lecture topics.
  • Make friends with people who share your love of nature.
  • Increase your skills at hosting events.
  • Feel the satisfaction of a successful event and happy audience.

“Being part of the lecture team has allowed me to stay connected to Toronto’s nature as I often move back and forth from Montreal. The committee consists of passionate and devoted individuals, who inspire me to continue connecting with nature and the broader naturalist community.”  — Cameron

What you’ll be doing:

  • Help plan a yearly line-up of guest speakers. 
  • Contact potential guest speakers and arrange for their presentation. 
  • Gather promotional materials on lectures for the TFN newsletter, social media, and other outreach platforms.  
  • Take turns hosting/moderating lectures, writing up lecture reports for the newsletter and ensuring that lecture recordings are posted to our TFN web pages and YouTube playlists.
Plastic in a petri dish
Plastics in the Great Lakes ecosystem, October 2022
Native bee conservation and diversity in the city of Toronto, September 2022
Eastern Coyote – A successful eco-influencer, March 2023

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