A very special issue: September 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting our community from all of the usual events & outings that bring us together, we felt a little something special was in order – a double-sized issue!

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Features in our September issue include:

  • Nature in Pandemic Times by Ellen Schwartzel
  • Tree of the Month – Eastern Sycamore by James Eckenwalder
  • How Egg-Laying Butterflies Choose the Right Host Plant by Nancy Dengler
  • Toronto Wildflowers – Sunflowers and Silphium by Peter Money
  • Q&A: Birds’ Sense of Smell by Bob Kortright
  • The “Big Four” of High Park by Joanne Doucette
  • Photography and Behaviour by Zunaid Khan
  • High Park Moth Study – Five Years and 1,000 Species Later by Richard Aaron
  • Fascinated with Fasciation by Jason Ramsay-Brown
  • How Plants Defend Themselves from Herbivorous Predators by Nancy Dengler
  • Plus much more, and all of our regular reports, news, and notices

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