Each year TFN offers its members eight free Zoom talks by noted experts, exploring everything from nature in the city to global environmental issues. Recent lectures have included Wetland Restoration And Management In Canada’s Largest City: 30 Years Of Lessons Learned And Adaptive Management, Wildlife research in the Canadian Arctic: Arctic fox, Arctic hare, Arctic biodiversityOpossums – Nature’s Cleanup Crew, and Old Growth Forests in Ontario.

Talks are presented Sunday afternoons at 2:30 pm, from September to May with audience discussion time. Visitors are always welcome and no admission fee is charged. Members can also access Zoom links for upcoming talks on the “For Members” web page, where recordings of past lectures are also available.

TFN March Lecture: Toronto Ravine StrategyDate: Mar 03, 2024 @ 14:30Meeting Location: Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83715490570?pwd=EMUoSqSDoalS4JslraZkzIdU82uK1z.1 Meeting ID: 837 1549 0570 Passcode: 537619 - Toronto Ravine Strategy – with Wendy Strickland; City of Toronto’s Ravine Strategy Project Manager. Ravines are the heart of Toronto’s natural heritage system.  With population growth and climate change putting increased pressure on ravines, the Toronto Ravine Strategy provides a coordinated vision and approach to managing the ravines. In January 2020, City Council unanimously adopted Read More

Upcoming Lectures

March 3, 2024 at 2:30 pm (Zoom only)

Toronto’s Ravine Strategy – an Update with Wendy Strickland; City of Toronto’s Ravine Strategy Project Manager

April 7, 2024 at 2:30 pm (Zoom only)

Climate Change and Toronto’s Nature

An expert panel will address how climate change is affecting Toronto region’s natural areas and urban hydrology, including increasing heat, extreme weather, and watershed flooding. Strategies for increasing the region’s resilience will also be explored. Panelists will include Yuestas David, Senior Research Scientist at the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and David Macleod, an expert on the urban environment who has worked with the City of Toronto, Environment and Climate Division.

May 5, 2024 at 2:30 pm (Zoom only)

The Biodiversity Value of Small Natural Spaces in Cities;

Dr. Lenore Fahrig will be our guest.  She provides compelling evidence that all urban natural space contributes to biodiversity protection, no matter how small the individual areas.

Lenore Fahrig is Chancellor’s Professor of Biology and Gray Merriam Chair in Landscape Ecology at Carleton University, Ottawa. She researches the effects of roads and traffic, habitat loss, agriculture, and cities on biodiversity. A study in 2019 ranked her impact in the top 0.01% of all 7 million scientists worldwide. In 2022 she was awarded the Herzberg Gold Medal, Canada’s top science prize.