Stewardship & Citizen Science

TFN helps our members make meaningful contributions to the understanding, protection, and restoration of nature by offering opportunities to participate in a variety of ecological stewardship and monitoring activities. Whether through community plantings, invasive species removal, bio-blitzes, vegetation assessments, wildlife monitoring, garbage clean-ups, or trail maintenance, TFN volunteers make a real difference to nature in the city.

Thanks to substantial bequests generously entrusted to us over the years, members may also choose to serve as caretakers of our 170+ hectares of private nature reserves & environmentally sensitive wetlands, protecting vital habitats and endangered species.

Cottonwood Flats Monitoring Project

Our Cottonwood Flats Monitoring Project (CFMP) provides exciting opportunities for TFN members of all ages to actively engage in citizen science. Each year TFN conducts multiple vegetation assessments and wildlife monitoring sessions at the Flats. Data collected is used to determine plant and animal biodiversity, assess overall trends in species richness and abundance, and guide our stewardship team’s efforts … Read More

Our Community Stewardship Program Team

Did you know that TFN helps take care of a section of the Don Valley in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Community Stewardship Program? Come get your hands dirty helping nature with us!

TFN Nature Reserves

TFN was one of the first nature clubs in Ontario to secure land as nature reserves for future generations to enjoy. Starting in the 1970s, TFN has purchased 170+ hectares of environmentally sensitive wetlands and forest, all funded through member donations … Read More

The Butternuts Of JBNR

With the threat of butternut canker expected to kill off 97% of the butternut trees found in Ontario, TFN takes the protection of this wonderful species with all due seriousness. To this end, TFN initiated a butternut protection program at our Jim Baillie Nature Reserve in 2019 … Read More

But wait, there’s more …

TFN members participate in many other stewardship & citizen science efforts around the City. Come explore the stories in our Blog to learn more.