Issues we’re tracking

TFN’s Action Committee closely monitors dozens of environmental and nature-focused issues that are of concern to our members, and makes updates regarding these regularly in the blog. This page outlines some of the more noteworthy of these issues.

Toronto Biodiversity Strategy

This important City of Toronto initiative looks to “increase the quality and quantity of natural habitat, design the built environment to support more biodiversity, and increase access to and awareness of nature in the city.” During initial Strategy development, TFN members participated in public consultations, stakeholder workshops, and by making deputations at City Hall. In November, 2018, TFN was invited to join the Biodiversity Strategy Advisory Group and accepted. The final strategy is to be presented to Council early next year. TFN will update on progress in our newsletter and continue to distribute alerts for upcoming opportunities for open public comment in our Blog.

Toronto Pollinator Protection Strategy

TFN was invited to participate in stakeholder meetings during development of this strategy, which aims to protect hundreds of species of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators in Toronto. The final strategy was adopted by Council in May 2018, and TFN continues to monitor and report on its rollout.

Toronto Ravine Strategy

TFN sat on the City’s Ravine Strategy Advisory Group, advocating strongly for an enhanced committment to the protection and stewardship of these amazing landscapes and ecosystems. The final version of the Ravine Strategy was presented to the Executive Committee on Sept 26, 2017, where TFN delivered a deputation. It has since been adopted by Council along with the Ravine Strategy Prioritization Framework. TFN continues to advocate for the strategy, encouraging the City to fully fund implementation and to ensure subsequent natural heritage strategies, such as the Biodiversity Strategy, are in alignment.

Migratory Bird Sanctuary on Toronto Island

TFN organized and administrated a public petition in support of a 2017 motion by Councilor Joe Cressy to have “City Council request the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to consider the Toronto Islands for designation as a Bird Sanctuary, under the Migratory Birds Act, and the enacting of appropriate regulations for the protection arising from such a designation”. We delivered 4,295 supporter signatures to the Parks and Environment Committee Meeting on January 18, 2017, and City Council voted in favour on January 21, 2018. We continue to monitor developments and will report progress in the Blog.