TFN Committees

TFN Committees help to organize, administrate, and empower a variety of initiatives & efforts across our organization. Our committees are open to participation from TFN members so if you’re interested in joining one just contact the appropriate Chair at the email address provided.

Board of Directors

President: Zunaid Khan

Please see our Board of Directors page for more information. Per TFN Bylaws, a Nominating Committee is appointed each year, chaired by the Past-President. A Call for Nominations is issued in the February newsletter. Nominations may be submitted in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer until July 15th. Candidates must be sponsored by at least three members and only with the written consent of the nominee. Nominations are published in the September issue of the newsletter and voted on during our Annual General Meeting in October.

Newsletter Committee

Chair: Wendy Rothwell

Our newsletter is a cornerstone of our community, and an amazing source of information of native species, important actions & activities, TFN walks & lectures, general nature knowledge, and so much more. Committee members help to curate, edit and publish our eight newsletter issues each year.

Action Committee

Chair: Ellen Schwartzel

Committee members help to protect nature and the environment by circulating important environmental news, collaborating with other organizations to address issue of concern, creating and circulating petitions, and by representing the TFN on advisory councils, community associations, and stakeholder groups.

Finance Committee

Chair: Fatima Abrar

The Finance Committee advises the Board re: investments, internal controls, and financial reporting, and monitors the work of the Treasurer and bookkeeper.

Lectures Committee

Interim Chair: Ellen Schwartzel

Committee members help to research and select speakers, and assist with communications with speakers, and staff for lecture venue, as well as creating lecture summaries for the Newsletter.

Promotions & Outreach Committee

Chair: Zunaid Khan

The Promotions and Outreach Committee is responsible for spreading the word about TFN to nature lovers! The Committee organizes tables at nature events, manages the TFN website & social media activity, creates TFN displays and promotional materials, and supports TFN ambassadors in the field.

Stewardship & Citizen Science Committee

Chair: Lillian Natalizio

The Stewardship & Citizen Science Committee manages our Nature Reserves. It also oversees a variety of TFN initiatives including our Cottonwood Flats Monitoring Program, Jim Baillie Stewardship Team, and our participation in activities like bio-blitzes, community clean-ups, plantings, and invasive species removals with our partner organizations.

Walks & Outings Committee

Chair: Zunaid Khan

The Walks & Outings Committee is responsible for managing our amazing program of nature walks and for supporting and encouraging our volunteer Walk Leaders.