Walk Leaders

TFN hosts more than 140 walks each year, led by knowledgeable volunteers who enjoy sharing their passion for nature. On behalf of our entire organization, many thanks to all our Walk Leaders – your efforts and dedication are greatly appreciated!

Preparing to lead a walk?

Have you just led a walk?

  • Please submit a Walk Leader’s Report to the TFN office within a week of your walk.
  • Submit some interesting photos to the newsletter or TFN Archives by emailing them to photos@torontofieldnaturalists.org!
  • Share your walk photos on social media with the hashtag #Torontofieldnaturalists so that we can all live vicariously through your lens! Remember to set the photos to “Public” unless you only want people in your friends / followers list to see them.

Thinking of becoming a Walk Leader?

Our walk program is a critical pillar of the TFN community, and one of the most important benefits of TFN membership! It’s people just like you that make it all possible.