Become a Walk Leader

Walk leaders are essential for TFN to accomplish our mission! A Walk Leader helps people gain an appreciation for the natural world and our environment. Walk Leaders encourage the public to participate in protecting and preserving geographical areas such as forests, parks, rivers, and wetlands. Walk Leaders get people outside who might otherwise be hesitant to walk alone.

Benefits to you:

  • Share and grow your nature knowledge.
  • Be an inspiration to learning naturalists.
  • Make friends with people who share your love of nature.
  • Get to know many of Toronto’s natural areas and the wildlife they support.
  • Have fun!

“It’s rewarding to see the participants’ excitement at learning something new about the behaviour or life cycle of common species.” — Theresa Moore

What you’ll be doing:

  • Scouting out a suitable place for a walk.
  • Scheduling your walk.
  • Introducing your topic/area at the beginning of the walk.
  • Pointing out things of interest during the walk.
  • Answering questions.

“I’ve found it remarkably satisfying to introduce a favourite patch of nature. It’s a small team adventure, regardless of weather, and I always come away feeling grateful for the company and the experience.” — Ellen Schwartzel

Join the team

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