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Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Cleanup, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day (over a week or three)

As Earth Day falls on Easter weekend this year, it’s a bit more like Earth Month! Look below for 10 ways you can show the Earth you care! Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Cleanup – April 13, 10:00am to 12:00pm Join the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Stewardship Team and TFNers aplenty for the annual cleanup of Read More

Annual garbage cleanup at the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve

Fighting Plastic Waste and Litter

Litter is not just unsightly – plastic waste can be downright dangerous and even deadly to wildlife and to ecosystems. Local cleanups can help, but to make headway, we need to tackle litter at the source. One way is to cut back on single use plastics. Right now, the Ontario government is asking for public Read More

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Kanopy Pick for April

Few things seem quite as magical as spotting a white-tailed deer in one of Toronto’s natural areas. In this month’s Kanopy pick, “The Secret Life of Whitetails,” filmmaker Gary W. Griffen gives an intimate introduction to this wonderful animal, its evolution, range, and resilience. A classic nature documentary made remarkable by behavioral footage accumulated over Read More

Community Stewardship Program volunteers planting at Beechwood Wetlands

City’s Community Stewardship Program Orientation on April 24

The City of Toronto’s Community Stewardship Program (CSP) will host an orientation session on April 24, 7:00pm, at the City of Toronto Archives (255 Spadina Road). CSP is a fantastic program that gives volunteers weekly opportunities to learn about and care for nature in our city’s ravines and forests. Program stewards plant native trees & Read More

evidence of woodpeckers at Jim Baillie Nature Reserve

Jim Baillie Stewardship Team, Apr 17

The Jim Baillie Stewardship Team will be taking a trip to the reserve on Wednesday, April 17. This trip we’ll be attempting to relocate and map any existing butternuts on the property in support of our newly-announced Butternut Project. No prior specialized knowledge is needed but we will be venturing off-trail so the going may Read More

ANIMALIA: Animals in the Archives

ANIMALIA: Animals in the Archives

“ANIMALIA: Animals in the Archives explores how humans’ relationships with other animals, and the methods we’ve used to document these relationships, have changed over time. In this exhibit, you’ll learn about five distinct animal groups in Ontario—fish, bears, horses, dogs and birds—and discover how animals connect us to the land, provide food for many, help Read More

Robin's Nest in Cottonwood Flats

Notes From Junior Naturalists Event On March 16th

Great day at G Ross Lord learning how to identify native trees in winter, and how birds and other wildlife make use of local habitat for constructing nests and surviving the cold. Special thanks to TFN members Michael Donnan and Monica Radovski for joining us and making it a such a fun day. Keep on Read More

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2019 City Budget and our ravines

As has been lamented by many, our ravines were not explicitly afforded the kind of support in the City’s 2019 budget that we all know they so sorely need. This isn’t exactly surprising. TFN knew that this would be an uphill battle. Given the recent and radical changes to the size and structure of City Read More

Jim Baillie Nature Reserve

Butternut Project at JBNR

TFN is pleased to announce that we’re starting a new project at our Jim Baillie Nature Reserve (JBNR): an initiative to help protect Ontario’s endangered butternut trees. JBNR is considered a high quality undisturbed swamp forest with a diverse flora and many regionally rare species – including, according to surveys conducted by TFN members over Read More

Big Trees of Toronto Map

The Connected Naturalist: Toronto Tree Maps

by Jason Ramsay-Brown Know where to find a Kentucky-coffee tree in the Junction? How about an eastern hemlock in Taylor Creek Park? A cherry tree in Kensington Market? A bitternut hickory in Passmore Forest? Identifying the trees we trip across is one thing but knowing where to find a specific tree we’re looking for is Read More