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DVBWP Prescribed Grazer Pilot Project June 12, 2024 - Have you heard the news? There will be goats grazing at Don Valley Brick Works Park (DVBWP) later this month! The City of Toronto’s Natural Environment Infrastructure Unit of Forestry is running a Prescribed Grazing Pilot Project at the site, and Toronto Field Naturalists have spent about a year now working with City of Toronto Read More

Building Bridges for Birds: Sharing Toronto’s Shoreline with Shorebirds May 31, 2024 - With spring delivering a vibrant tapestry of shorebird returns, each embarking on its own remarkable journey, it’s imperative that we take proactive measures to safeguard their habitats and migration routes. While some transient species merely pause to rest and refuel en route to the Arctic, others nest as close as Toronto Island. Yet, despite the Read More

Your Fishing Lines Are Catching More Than Fish! May 24, 2024 - Discarded fishing gear is hazardous to various animal groups. Birds, turtles, otters and curious pets can be injured, trapped or drowned when tangled in fishing gear.  Birds, like the Great Blue Heron, can swallow hooks and lead sinkers, causing severe injuries and lead poisoning. They can also become tangled in fishing lines leading to starvation, Read More

The Dividends of Greenspace May 17, 2024 - Chances are, if you are reading this you don’t have to be convinced about the inherent value of nature and the importance of protecting it. But have you ever thought about the economics of failing to do so? That buzz you felt after your last visit to one of Toronto’s urban parks wasn’t just in Read More

Toronto Wildlife Centre Takes It Up An Octave: Reuniting Trumpeter Swan Soulmates! May 10, 2024 - In Bluffer’s Park, a local resident recently found a wounded Trumpeter Swan, injured by fishing line. She immediately contacted the Toronto Wildlife Centre, who were able to capture the bird safely for medical treatment. The medical team observed a cut on the bird’s beak causing the bleeding, which they cleaned and healed with specialized care Read More

Centennial Butternuts May 7, 2024 - Back in October 2019, TFN began a program aimed at protecting and propagating butternut trees (Juglans cinerea, an endangered species) at our Jim Baillie Nature Reserve (JBNR). On May 6, in honour of TFN’s 100th Anniversary, our stewardship volunteers added seven new butternuts (certified and local to seed zone 37) to the growing population at Read More

Saving Nature: Begins in Your Backyard  May 3, 2024 - Embarking on a journey to aid nature doesn’t require grand gestures; sometimes, it starts right in our own backyard. With wildlife populations dwindling due to habitat loss, each of us has a role to play in nurturing our local ecosystems. One powerful way to contribute is by transforming our yards into natural havens, brimming with Read More

Help Us Help Nature! April 26, 2024 - The mission of the Toronto Field Naturalists is to connect people with nature in the Toronto area. We help people understand, enjoy, protect and restore Toronto’s green spaces and the species that inhabit them. As a volunteer-run non-profit we share the desire to deepen the understanding of, and appreciation for, the natural spaces and species Read More

Celebrating Cottonwood Flats April 17, 2024 - When the 100th anniversary committee was brainstorming ideas on how to celebrate our centennial, Jason Ramsay-Brown (Stewardship Committee lead and a past president of TFN) suggested we create a video about Cottonwood Flats. The video would cover the history of the location and our work in partnership with the city. Thankfully a volunteer, Jessica Nelson, Read More

Then & Now Exhibition at Brickworks April 14, 2024 - Join us for another showing of our Then & Now photo exhibition as part of our 100th anniversary celebrations during Earth Day at the Brickworks on Saturday, April 20th from 10 am till 3 pm. Nature changes over time. Photographer members of the Toronto Field Naturalists (TFN) have been documenting these changes since the 1950s. Read More

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